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Please know that your produce box is unlike any other box out there and may even be greatly different from week to week. The produce is seasonal. The contents of the box will be especially different from the beginning of the season to the end of the season. The weight of your box is also going to have differentiating poundage each time you receive new produce. For example one week you may have more potatoes and the next week you may have more lettuce. Many fruits and vegetables only begin to ripen in June/July, so please be patient with what you may hope to find in your produce box. Expect a variety of produce throughout the season. Please take the weather into consideration, for example, if there is a flood or drought, your box may be different from what you had in mind. At any certain time, some items may come from other local farms that we have built strong relationships with over the years, especially if they are not ready to be harvested in Geneva, IL.

There maybe produce items out of stock or the quality does not meet Windy Acres Farm standards, therefore, we reserve the right to substitute these items with another produce item.

Your order will not be filled if payment is not received.

If a member fails to pick up their box, it will be waiting for them the following day. No new produce will be issued. On a late pick-up, the freshness of the produce is not guaranteed at that point.

Customers are allowed two pauses per season. You must give a one week notice (via email) to pause your produce box. You will still be charged, but the box will be issued to you at the end of your program. *Doubling up on the last box(es) of the season might occur depending on the date of the pauses.

If you opt for delivery, the delivery price is based upon your location in congruence to Windy Acres Farm Stand Geneva, Il.

Your produce is picked and packaged fresh. After delivery or pick-up, Windy Acres Farm is not held accountable for the freshness and the quality of the produce in the box. Windy Acres requires a cooler with icepacks to be placed on the front porch for all deliveries. Failure to do so may result in spoiled produce. Windy Acres is not liable for negligence. Please remember all of your produce has a short shelf life and there are no preservatives added to these items. Please be mindful of consuming your produce in a timely manner. Most of the produce in your box is ripe and ready to eat. Please enjoy your produce box and have a good time experimenting with new & healthy foods.

We will not keep your credit card information on file. Your privacy is very important to us. We will not share your information with anyone. Paypal will automatically charge your credit card weekly based on your program at the time you sign up. You may upgrade your program at any time during the season. Downgrading is not permitted. Please give 24 hours notice to upgrade your box.

Cancelation- There is a $100.00 cancelation fee. Windy Acres grows their crops based on their customer support; without the support, the crops would go to waste. We encourage you to try new produce, donate to a food pantry or share with a friend before deciding to cancel. If you still plan on canceling, a written email must be sent and a check in the amount of 100.00
dropped off/mailed to the farm stand for processing. Credit cards are NOT accepted for cancellations.

Once hitting submit, payments will begin today, however, you will only be charged for the number of weeks you signed up for. A welcome email will be sent notifying you of your starting and ending dates.

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