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Thank you SO much Amanda Simmons and family for organizing a wonderful fundraiser supporting the Ronald McDonald House. It’s not too late to order as the fundraiser will close May 15th. Click this link to place your order and support!
Mother’s Day Planters! Get them before they are gone. Available in sun and shade options. 630-232-6429
Adorable planters make the cutest gifts!
Mother’s Day Sprinkling Can Arrangements! Available while supplies last!
Farmer Wayne is picking black raspberries as we speak! Don't miss out on this delicious, healthy snack! #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand #localproduce #freshfruit #blackraspberries
Yum! Fresh picked, homegrown zucchini! Zucchini can be prepared many different ways & is so healthy! Stop by the farm today for zucchini & other veggies that are picked daily! You can't get any fresher than that!
Some of the Windy Acres crew with their amazing float for the Swedish Days parade! Check out our Facebook posts to see how you can post a similar picture & win a $10 Windy Acres gift card!
Yay, the strawberry plants are starting to produce strawberries! Only a few more weeks until the big, red strawberries are ready to eat! 😋🍓 #localfruit #localproduce #homegrown #freshfruit #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
Asparagus & rhubarb are both being picked daily at the farm! Stop by the farm today for produce that was just picked this morning! As the weeks go on, more & more produce will be coming from our farm! #asparagus #rhubarb #freshpicked #homegrown #windyacresfarmstand #windyacres
Before all the rain, yesterday was spent planting beets, turnips, collards, and swiss chard. The rain yesterday & today will help give all the crops a good jump start & help their growth! #locallygrown #plantingcrops #fieldgrown #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
Scott & the field crew spent yesterday planting 32 rows of bi color sweet corn! With warm weather & a few good rainfalls, the first batch will be ready to pick in about 70 days! 🚜🌽 #sweetcorn #homegrown #locallygrown #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
How about a bright, cheery photo to lift your spirits on this gloomy day?! Sign up now for our weekly produce boxes filled with fresh & local fruits and vegetables! Check out our website or call the farm stand for more information! 🍒🍇🍉🍑🍓🍈🌽🍅🍆
Meet Lucy, the newest addition to the Windy Acres barnyard gang! 🐐 Lucy was born yesterday afternoon & is a healthy little goat! She is getting along well with the other animals and cannot wait for warmer weather so she can graze the pastures! #newborngoat #goat #barnyardanimals #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
There are many beautiful floral arrangements, in all shapes & sizes, in the greenhouses! Purchase one of your own at the farm, Farmer's Markets this weekend, or bring in your own planters to have them custom planted! 🌸🌹🌿🌺🌻#flowers #floralarrangements #greenhouses #locallygrown #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
Another beautiful day means more vegetables are being planted in the fields! Today, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kohlrabi & snap peas are being planted! All plants are planted by hand to ensure the job is being done right! 🚜🌱 #homegrown #handplanted #locallygrown #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
Here's a close-up shot of the onion crop this year so far! The onions were planted a few weeks ago & they are loving this beautiful weather we are having today! The onions are growing on track & should be ready to pick during the first week of July! You know what that means... Yummy homegrown onions for your 4th of July burgers, brats & hot dogs! #onioncrop #fieldgrown #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
With allergy season sneaking up on us, now is a perfect time to purchase our delicious honey! All honey sold at Windy Acres is locally harvested, natural, raw & organic! Local honey is the perfect cure for seasonal allergies! You can put it in your tea, spread it on your toast, or even eat it by the spoonful! Stop in today & take some home with you! 🍯 #localhoney #honey #windyacres #windyacresfarmstand
It may be cold outside, but it is warm in the greenhouses! Hanging baskets, veggie plants & beautiful petunias are ready for the first Farmer's Market of the season in Wheaton this Saturday! 
#greenhouses #flowers #farmersmarket #windyacresfarmstand #windyacres
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