Geneva, Illinois
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We are a family farm who pride ourselves on giving our customers the best quality products around. Our stand is open from April to mid November. We carry flowers, produce, and host a fall festival. We have been serving the community for over 30 years. If you can’t make it to the farm stop by one of the many farmers market that we attend.

Wayne Srail
Wayne Srail is the proud owner of Windy Acres Farm in Geneva, Il, along with his wife Daryl Srail. Establishing the business in 1985, Wayne has always had a devotion towards agriculture and animal culture. Amidst his love for farming, Wayne is also an avid NASCAR fan. Wayne germinates all of the flower and produce seeds grown in our fields and is the heart of the farm. You can find him tending the greenhouses, hand picking produce in the fields, and pulling school groups on the wagon ride.
Daryl Srail
Daryl Srail is farm owner and wife to Wayne Srail. She takes the roll of administration, and building long term friendships & clientele. Her art lies in floral creation and she is considered to be the backbone of the family farm. Her adoration of heritage canning and cooking keeps the family full on fresh, healthy produce grown from the fields. Daryl has worked with charity organizations such as Easter Seals and the Association for Individual Development. She loves to share recipes in her downtime and is usually found near the counter assisting and chatting with customers.
Amanda Srail Thomas
Amanda Srail-Thomas, married to Tim Thomas, is the eldest of the four Srail siblings. Amanda has her Associate & Bachelor degree in Spanish language teaching. She also has a Master degree in bilingual education. Amanda's alma mater include Waubonsee, NIU and Aurora University. Her roles at the farm include communications, gaining farmer's market clientele, managing the CSA program, as well as field-trip programs. She believes team work to be the encompassing factor to get hard work accomplished. Amanda's goal is to continue this venture as a family business for the next 100 years and more.
Kristin Srail
Kristin Srail is the second oldest sibling of the Srail family. She has gained an Associate & Bachelor degree in the arts. Her alma mater include Waubonsee and Columbia of Chicago. With her artistic ambition, Kristin's tasks comprise managing media & marketing endeavors as well as farm spokesperson. Kristin has taken on the position of venue coordinator and event supervisor for Windy Acres Farm Weddings and Events. Using her creative skills, she guides clients through the process of planning their special events on the family farm. She has created the decorative platform and performed as assembly curator for Windy Acres' appearance in the Swedish Days Parade. She has a loyal following at seasonal markets in which she has dedicated time to throughout the season. Amidst keeping busy at the farm, Kristin integrates her passion for music and theatre into her schedule as well as her love of animals.
Jamie Srail
Jaime Srail is the third daughter of the Srail family. She has evolved into the role as the Farmer's Market Manager, conducts produce inventory, and co-manages the CSA produce box. She also takes on the duty of hiring and scheduling to assure all employees who work for Windy Acres stay satisfied, cared for and enjoy their time with the farm. Jaime is fondly involved in charity organizations such as the Northern Illinois Food Bank. She remains down to earth and appreciates that each season brings upon us different tasks and responsibilities.
Scott Srail
Scott Srail, the youngest of the Srail family, grew up with three older sisters. He has learned throughout the years to hold his ground. And so, he has accumulated the commitment as field, farm & bakery manager. Scott effortlessly drives the tractors and mans all of the equipment to generate field cultivation. He works tirelessly to get as much done as one can do in a day. Scott is the definition of hard work and his goal is to build a better future for the farm. As busy as Scott is, he always finds one day during the season to get away to the Country Thunder music festival. Scott takes after Wayne, always moving and doing.